Bitcoin Wallet & Bitcoin Point of Sale

Powered by Lightning Network

What´s the problem?

In Mexico there´s a Financial inclusion problem

53% of the population in Mexico doesn´t have a bank account (Asociación de Bancos de México). In 2021, 26.9 million of the population in Mexico (32.2%) didn’t have a financial product such as Fintech, bank account, debit/credit account (INEGI)

The second largest market for remittances, during 2021 Mexico received 54 billion of dollars in remittances

Sending money from US to Mexico is slow and expensive.

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are gaining more relevance in the remittances market, Bitso has processed 2 billion dollars in remittances during the first semester of 2022

A lot of intermediaries in every day transactions result in high commissions for merchants and clients.

The adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies around the world are increasing despite the market conditions. Everyday more businesses are integrating crypto strategies and start accepting it as a payment method.

Let´s build a Bitcoin ecosystem

Bitcoin opened the door to the unbanked people, to reliable and universal economy, Bitcoin over lighting network provides instant, final, and practically free transactions

Solution #1

Peinal Wallet

Bitcoin Lightning Network wallet (MVP).
– Buy Bitcoin, save and spend Bitcoin inside the wallet.

– Integrate dollars and pesos

-Promotions and rewards

Solution #2

Peinal POS

The easiest way for any business to receive instant Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network (MVP)

-Accept Bitcoin via Lightning Network on ecommerce

– Integrate payments in stablecoins or crypto with other chains

-Full MXN convertibility in just one day to any Mexican bank account

– Promotions and rewards

Project Partners

Meet the team

Germán González

Financial, Business Administration, Entrepreneur & Business Strategist

Osvaldo Rosales

Physics, Developer & Technology Officer

Adrian Hernandez

Digital Artist, Marketing & Creative Director

Hector Jiménez

Business development

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